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If so, do you remember their name, or can you provide a description?This little anecdote surely goes some way towards explaining how sad the above occurrence made me.However, if they arrive in my post box before I get there, I’m sure you are aware this will only succeed in making me more depressed) —————————— TO: ngoneill@uk FROM: customercare@uk SUBJECT: RE: Nando’s Nonsense Dear Nathan, I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy your recent visit to Nando’s.Overall, I was very displeased with my Nandos experience, and am wondering what you can do to cheer me up. Perhaps the best remedy to this problem would be to send me some chips in the post.My second, and all the more pressing, point, is the number of chips I received. However, upon opening the second egg box, you find that you are missing one eggchip!By some impossible feat, our food arrived at the table before we had even returned from the till.As such, could you please answer a few questions so that we can investigate this matter further?Could you also tell us where abouts in the restaurant you were sitting?This kind of behaviour is unfortunately all too prevalent in this day and age. As far as I’m concerned, having less than two dozen chips is unacceptable for a man of any appetite.